Legal Counsel For Matters Involving Family Violence

When a relationship is in turmoil, it is easy for emotions to get quickly out of hand. Family violence allegations affect everyone involved. If you have been the victim of domestic violence or if you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse, it is essential that you get legal counsel as soon as possible.

Attorney Kate Bihm has handled family violence cases as part of her family law practice, her criminal defense practice and as a former Montgomery County prosecutor. She understands these types of cases from all angles, and will do everything she can to protect your rights and your interests. Call The Bihm Firm, PLLC, in Conroe at 936-647-2779.

Family Violence Victims And Divorce Agreements

Domestic violence charges can completely alter a divorce proceeding. A parent may find his or her visitation rights severely limited or taken away altogether. If you are going through a divorce and have suffered as the result of family violence, Kate will work hard to help protect you throughout this process.

Ensuring Your Side Of The Story Is Told

Unfortunately, some people make false allegations of family violence. When the police are called, assumptions are often made and one side may be given more credibility than the other. You need a lawyer who will listen to your side of the story and protect your rights in the courtroom without judgment. You should always prepare for the worst, but hire the best counsel you can afford because the stakes are high.

Contact A Lawyer For Help With Domestic Violence Issues In Texas

In some family violence cases, reconciliation is inevitable. In others, an arrest may be the last straw. Whatever the outcome of your relationship, it is important to seek help from an attorney who can provide you with the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about how to move forward. Call 936-647-2779 or complete an online contact form to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.