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Montgomery, TX Divorce Attorney

Montgomery, TX Divorce Attorney

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Divorce can be devastating for the entire family, especially for children. While adults might experience a range of intense emotions during the end of their marriage, kids can also feel hurt, confused, helpless, and scared about their parents' divorce and what it will mean for them. As a result, parents involved in a divorce need to recognize the need to take extra measures that help children cope with the effects of their decision, even beyond the legal process. If you are a parent who is preparing to get a divorce, you will need to know how to help your child through this painful period. The tips discussed below can help you make sure your children will be cared for in a positive and supportive way during your divorce proceedings. In addition, proactive measures taken during your divorce can help you maintain and even strengthen your bonds with the children, which will remain intact long after the divorce is finalized.

At The Bihm Firm, PLLC, our experience in family law and divorce matters means that we have dealt with dozens upon dozens of cases involving families with children. As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of ways you can ensure that your children's emotional well-being will be protected as you move through the divorce process. We can provide the guidance you need to protect your rights and maintain positive relationships both now and in the future.

Advice on How to Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce

Divorce can be a traumatic event, and during this time, children can often be vulnerable to confusion and distress. There are various ways you, as a parent, can help prioritize your children's emotional health during this difficult transition period. Here are some tips that will help your children cope with the divorce process:

  • Communicate with them - Make sure that your children understand, in age-appropriate terms, why the divorce occurred without dragging your children into the reason as the marriage is dissolving. When discussing your divorce with them, use age-appropriate language that communicates a clear sense of what is likely to happen in the future. Even if you are not on good terms with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, finding a way to communicate effectively with them about the needs of your children can help lay the foundation for a beneficial co-parenting situation moving forward.
  • Maintain consistent schedules - Children tend to be creatures of habit. Because of this, changes to their schedules or routines can be exceptionally distressing. For instance, in terms of child custody or visitation rights, it is a good idea to retain stability and predictability as you determine when children will live in each parent's home. Set regular visitation times and make sure to follow these schedules consistently to ensure that you do not increase the stress your children are experiencing.
  • Utilize therapy or support groups - If your child is having a tough time dealing with your divorce, it might be good to seek professional assistance. A therapist can guide them through aspects of the situation that may seem unfamiliar or uncomfortable while providing an environment that offers confidentiality as they discuss their concerns. You may also want to see a therapist or attend support groups to ensure that you will be able to address the emotional issues you are experiencing during your divorce.
  • Provide reassurance - Children often feel they are to blame for their parents' problems. By providing special time with each child in the family, offering consistent methods in supporting them, and communicating that the divorce is an issue between you and your spouse rather than anything related to them, you can assure your children that they are loved and supported, regardless of the changes your family is experiencing.

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For most parents going through a divorce, one of their greatest concerns is how their children will respond to the changes in their lives. By proactively taking steps to monitor and maintain your children's emotional well-being, you can ensure they can effectively cope with the situation, while never losing sight of the fact that they are loved and that the divorce is not their fault.

At The Bihm Firm, PLLC, our well-established family lawyers know how hard divorce can be for children. We are proud to help families address their legal needs while ensuring parents have the resources and knowledge necessary to help their children get through this turbulent time in their lives. To get the legal representation you need in your divorce, contact us at 936-788-6100 for a free consultation today.

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