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You do not have to be convicted of a crime in order to have a criminal record, which may be visible at the request of anyone, including landlords and potential employers. The good news is that in certain cases, it may be possible to have your record sealed from public view or even expunged altogether.

Attorney Kate Bihm has extensive experience working in the criminal justice system. In addition to her current role as a criminal defense lawyer, she has also worked as a Montgomery County prosecutor. She understands the impact that a criminal charge can have on a person's life, and she can help explore your options for putting the past behind you. To learn more about expunctions and record sealing, call The Bihm Firm, PLLC in Conroe at 936-788-6100.

What Types of Cases Are Eligible?

In Texas, if you were charged with a crime and acquitted, or if your case was dismissed, you may be eligible to have the arrest expunged from your criminal history. If you have successfully completed a deferred adjudication, you may be eligible to have that record sealed. If you have a criminal history as a juvenile, those records may be eligible for sealing too.

Not all types of cases are eligible for sealing/expunction. If you were convicted of a crime, you cannot have that record sealed or expunged. But, if the charge against you was ultimately dismissed, then in many cases after the court grants your petition, you can put your past mistakes behind you.

Get Experienced Legal Counsel

Kate has successfully represented clients in getting their records sealed or expunged, and she can put her experience and skill to work for you. As with all cases, the devil is in the details. Petitions for nondisclosure, juvenile record sealing, and expunctions are actually lawsuits to which the government has the right to object.

If you file to have your record sealed or expunged, and your petition is denied, it is unlikely you will be able to petition the court again. Imagine being denied due to a technicality when a knowledgeable and experienced attorney would have done things right!

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Don't live with the shame of past mistakes haunting you and keeping you from fulfilling your potential. Call 936-788-6100 or complete an online contact form to schedule an initial consultation with Kate today. We provide representation in criminal cases and assist with expunction and record sealing in Walker Couty, Magnolia, Conroe, The Woodlands, Grimes County, Montgomery County, Porter, Kingwood, Splendora, Cleveland, New Caney, Willis, Spring, Liberty County, and Waller County.

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