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Porter, TX Child Custody Attorney

Porter, TX Child Custody Attorney

Conservatorship Attorney in Porter, TX

Child custody, which is known as conservatorship in Texas, can be a challenging and emotional subject for parents who are in the midst of a divorce or separation. When parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, the court will make decisions based on what is considered to be the child's best interests. Therefore, it is essential for parents to have a basic understanding of the laws and guidelines surrounding child custody. To ensure that you make informed decisions and that your interests are protected, a child custody lawyer can provide the legal help you need during this arduous process.

Over the years at The Bihm Firm, PLLC, we have handled hundreds of divorce cases, many of which have involved matters related to child custody. Because of our robust experience, we know how sensitive such subjects can be for parents. We are exceptionally skilled in helping parents get through this challenging time by approaching the subject with empathy and understanding. You can trust us to never lose sight of your rights and interests.

Legal Custody and Physical Custody

In Texas, there are two forms of child custody: legal and physical. Understanding the difference between these types of custody is essential for married parents entering the divorce process or unmarried parents who need to put formal child custody arrangements in place.

Legal custody will address a parent's ability to make important decisions regarding their child's upbringing, including education, healthcare, and religion. When both parents share legal custody, they are expected to collaborate on these major decisions and consult each other to reach common ground, never losing focus on the main objective: preserving the child's best interests. In situations involving sole legal custody, one parent will be responsible for making child-related decisions. In these cases, the other parent will typically be granted visitation rights.

Meanwhile, physical custody is centered on where the child will reside. It also pertains to matters about what the child will eat and wear, when their bedtime will be, how disciplinary issues will be handled, and other day-to-day concerns. In general, a parent will be able to make all necessary decisions about how they will meet the child's needs during their periods of physical custody.

Many people wonder whether a parent could have legal custody but not physical custody or vice versa. The answer is yes. However, if a parent has legal custody, it is likely that they will also have physical custody as well. If a parent does not have legal custody, they can still have physical custody in which their child will spend time with them regularly.

How Can a Child Custody Lawyer Assist You?

Your lawyer will be able to provide you with valuable guidance, support, and legal representation as you address child custody concerns during a divorce or separation. Your attorney will help you understand the laws that govern child custody in Texas, including the factors that judges consider when making custody decisions and how to create a parenting plan that meets your child's needs.

Moreover, your attorney can help protect your parental rights and work with you to negotiate a favorable child custody agreement. Additionally, they can provide effective representation in court should your custody case require litigation. By helping you understand the legal process, representing your interests in negotiations, and providing legal support through the entire process, a child custody attorney can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with custody disputes and help ensure your child's emotional and physical needs are being addressed.

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Divorce will often involve uncertainty about the future. For many parents, the thought of fighting for the custody of their child can seem stressful and overwhelming. Whether you can negotiate a custody agreement with your spouse with the help of your attorney or need legal representation for litigation in family court, you need an attorney who is willing to fight for you. At The Bihm Firm, PLLC, our experience is second to none. To learn more about how our Porter, Texas, law firm can help you, contact us at 936-788-6100 for a free consultation.

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