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Spring 2024 Conflict Conqueror Scholarship Winner

Kashmere Miller

Kashmere Miller is a first-year college student at Tuskegee University studying animal science. Looking to the future, Kashmere plans to obtain her bachelor’s and attend vet school. We wish Kashmere all the best and cannot wait to see all she accomplishes.

Read Kashmere’s Essay:

As a college student it is not uncommon for me to encounter situations that involve conflict. One particular instance occurred early in my college tenure and allowed me to develop groundwork for how to navigate subsequent conflicts. This particular conflict arose when I had differing opinions with one of my classmates regarding a group project. We had conflicting ideas on how to approach the project, which led to disagreements and tensions within the team. Recognizing the need for resolution, I took steps to address the conflict and find a way to resolve it. Firstly, I initiated honest communication with my classmate. We scheduled a meeting outside of our class hours to discuss our concerns and perspectives in a calm manner. This allowed us to express our thoughts without interruptions or distractions. During this discussion it was vital for me to actively listen and understand my classmate's point of view. By demonstrating empathy and acknowledging their perspective we were able to establish ground despite our differences. To move towards resolution, we decided to brainstorm compromises that could satisfy both of our visions for the project. Through dialogue and negotiation, we identified areas where we could incorporate elements from each viewpoint while still maintaining the project's integrity. Once we reached an agreement on how best to proceed, we presented our revised plan to the rest of the team. This ensured transparency and gave everyone an opportunity to provide input or raise any remaining concerns they might have had. Throughout this process I learned lessons about conflict resolution. Firstly, candid yet respectful communication is crucial in addressing conflicts, it allows all parties involved to voice their opinions without fear of judgment or reprisal. Additionally, active listening helps foster empathy and understanding between individuals with differing viewpoints. Moreover, compromise plays a role in finding ground during conflicts. It involves being willing to let go of preferences in favor of solutions that benefit everyone involved. In conclusion, experiencing conflict as a college student taught me lessons about communication and resolving differences. By listening, seeking compromise and being open to perspectives I was able to navigate the conflict successfully and foster a more harmonious working environment within my team.

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